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What is PVD?

PVD in jewelry: an innovative surface treatment

The world of jewelry is constantly evolving. New techniques are emerging to offer ever more innovative and durable creations.

Among them, PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) has been revolutionizing the jewelry world for some years now, offering stainless steel primers in gold and black colors of exceptional quality. Find out more about the benefits of this technique and why it’s becoming a must-have.

Understanding this technology

Originally developed for industry to improve the characteristics of cutting tools in turning/milling or the surface finish of injection molds in plastics processing, PVD surface treatments offer high hardness, strong adhesion and excellent corrosion resistance.

This surface treatment process is used more and more in jewelry for its decorative aspect, but also in fields as varied as fittings, tableware, eyewear, watchmaking and even in the medical sector for surgical instruments.

PVD in Jewellery: Innovation and Sustainability - Non mais Oui

The advantages of PVD

One of the major advantages of PVD is its exceptional durability and scratch resistance. These properties are essential for jewelry, which is subject to repeated rubbing and contact.

PVD is also an environmentally-friendly technique. Unlike traditional electroplating with gold or silver, PVD is a dry, vacuum process, with no chemical baths to reprocess and no waste.

Last but not least, it is hypoallergenic. This surface treatment preserves the skin’s sensitivity, preventing allergic reactions. You can wear these jewels with confidence and peace of mind.

Accessibility without compromising aesthetics

PVD-treated jewels are as aesthetically pleasing as those made with precious metals, but at a much more affordable cost.

Titanium nitride offers a superb golden hue, while chromium nitride lends an elegant black color to our creations. Only this technique allows us to offer the Baïkal Ice and Kokoro collections in black.

PVD in jewelry – The fusion of technology and elegance

In conclusion, PVD is much more than just a surface treatment technique. It embodies the meeting of technological innovation and artistic creativity, offering jewelry lovers a sustainable, aesthetic and affordable option. At Non Mais Oui, we’ve made PVD a standard, guaranteeing quality and customer satisfaction.

Discover our creations sublimated by PVD and let yourself be seduced by our exceptional glass jewelry.

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