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Brice - Non Mais Oui - Artisan verrier

My story in glass jewelry design: between passion and authenticity

Who i am?

Before playing with glass, my speciality was moulding. I made objects with all kinds of resin, silicone, plaster and wax, both laminated and cast, in both the industrial and artistic field. Deep down, I was frustrated working with products derived from petrochemicals and what’s more, these materials degrade over time.

Glass came into my life one day, more than twenty years ago. I started my career in the only thermoformed glass workshop of the Saint-Gobain group in Alsace, France. There I made panels using the fusing technique, a temperature range in which the glass softens without flowing. The first piece I made was a door !

I wanted to learn more, and after a year, I signed up for a few days on a course in Northern Germany. The Glassmaker who was leading the course was Detlef Tanz, of international renown. By coincidence he was looking to expand the moulding process at his own workshop ; and that’s why I ended up staying there for two years. I brought my knowledge in moulding and in turn, learned all about glass paste*, as well as all the aspects of cold work on blocks weighing up to 40 kilos: sawing, drilling, cutting, sanding, polishing…

Back in France, and with a new string to my bow, I started to create my own glass sculptures illustrating human emotions. But I quickly realised that running exhibitions and galleries trying to sell them was not my thing.

Maria, a friend and a fellow-member of the glassmakers’ fraternity, said to me : “Why don’t you make jewellery ?”.

A week later, Michel, another friend, an artist in marquetry, suggested that I exhibit my sculptures in a cabin at a Christmas market. He said : “You can use the cabin for free for two weekends”.

I replied : “Selling these sculptures in a Christmas market cabin ?? I really don’t think it would be the right setting !”

That night, I dreamt that Maria met Michel and that they shared a conversation…

The next day I called Michel back :

– All sorted Michel, I will take the Christmas cabin after all !
– Really ? I thought you didn’t want to exhibit your sculptures !
– No, not sculptures anymore…
– So what then ??
– Jewellery !
– I didn’t know you made jewellery ??
– Nor did I !!

Now you know the whole story… and as they say, the rest is History !

May these jewels, that come to life in the light, bring you as much happiness wearing them as I had creating them.

They are much more than little pieces of melted glass, they are made with love and gratitude.

*The glass is poured into moulds made of refractory materials, plaster or concrete.


My beginnings in glass art through sculpture

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