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Frequently asked questions

Choose the right length of cables and chains for pendants

  • Chains 38 to 56 or 10 lengths per 2 cm + 3 lengths of jumpers 75 – 80 – 85 cm
  • Cables 40 to 54 or 8 lengths per 2 cm

See example on women, men and children models at the bottom of the product page necklaces

Correspondence cm/inch
38 cm / 15 Inch
40 cm / 16 Inch
42 cm / 16.5 Inch
44 cm / 17.5 Inch
46 cm / 18 Inch
48 cm / 19 Inch
50 cm / 20 Inch
52 cm / 20.5 Inch
54 cm / 21 Inch
56 cm / 22 Inch
75 cm / 29.5 Inch
80 cm / 31.5 Inch
85 cm / 33.5 Inch

Video: cable closure system for pendants

The two parts of the bayonet clasp of your cable choker are crimped in the right position cable choker are crimped in the right position in relation to each other. the other to within one degree. Position the two parts, push gently by turning one end in one direction or the other. in the other until they click into place. You will feel a small spring. To close the clasp, gently push the both ends, then turn a quarter turn and the turn is played! To open it, proceed in the same way in the direction reverse.

Video: putting on and taking off your Liane bracelet

The liana bracelet is made of elastic stainless steel. It adapts to all wrists. To pass it, position it on the side of your wrist and place it on the front of your hand.

Video: using the Ribbon bracelet with magnet

Our Ribbon bracelet closes and adjusts with a magnet.

You can also open it completely to pass your wrist and
your wrist and adjust it to your size.

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